LED Matrix Prototype

15×10 pixel RGB-LED Matrix on a 4×3m flexible fabric

The LEDsMOB prototype is a 15x10 pixel RGB-LED Matrix on a 4x3m flexible fabric. We were working together with Erkin Bayirli and Philip Fischer from daal.at on planning and building this thing.

The LEDs are driven by 5 controllers attached to the mesh which are controlled using the AurinkoLink protocol. Power requirements are very low - the whole display can be powered from a single USB-port.

We used the matrix at the 1024 & 1 bit night. Currently this LED-mesh is on display in Vienna, 2nd district at the Display²

Materials & Technilogy: fabric, 5mm rgb leds, cable | 1 June, 2009 - 11:19 | nora | Comments 0 |