modular kitchen & bar


For the exhibition, studio and office space Kunstkanal we designed a modular kitchen. The basic structure consists of a self-welded steel frame, the shuttering of stained timber. The modules can each move on 6 load rollers and so we can arrange them for different occasions. For a cooking event a kitchen island is possible and for small parties and exhibitions, the modules can be arranged into a bar. For the sorting system, we use simple transport boxes. We have poured a small hand basin and vanity unit for the kitchen area of concrete, the bases of course are welded in steel.

idea & realization: Nora Dibowski, Erkin BayirlyThomas Poganitsch

Materials & Technilogy: Stahl, Beton, Holz, schweissen | 22 December, 2014 - 18:02 | nora | Comments 0 |