The Clown

virtual reality fun ride
fun ride car with two people in it wearing VR headsets
  • fun ride car with two people in it wearing VR headsets
  • building from the top

"The clown" is a Virtual Reality (VR) ride ride at the Prater amusement park in Vienna. It follows the tradition of the "Geisterbahn" (literally "ghost train") or haunted rides. But instead of light and sound effect as well as animatronics along the track, the whole experience happens in Virtual Reality. You get into the first car in line, the friendly staff helps you to put on the VR headset and off it goes. It starts with a clown next to your train car and it ..... hm .. nope, no spoilers, come to Vienna and watch it yourself ;)

The 360 video was produced and the project is managed by Vrisch. Our tasks were synchronizing the start of playback with the start of the ride as well as developing a monitoring system for the playback. Using this monitoring and controlling system the staff can quickly detect problems and switch out headsets when there are issues with them.

In 2020 we started adapting the system for a more modern headset with better reliability and visual quality.