• Early attempt to write my own operating system (or at least shell). This is part 2 of 3.

  • Early attempt to write my own operating system (or at least shell). I'm going to write three blog posts on various systems, this is the first one about the earliest one that survived


  • Comes with an App, batteries and lots of false advertising. Actually, a lot of the false advertising comes from so called tech "journalists" who also write about the great advancements "innovations" like Solar Roadways, the Batteriser and the Fontus Bottle bring to the world.

  • Amazon is a German company! Really? No, of course not, but looking at how hard it is to get their things to speak English, one might as well think so.

  • Ah, the 7805 voltage regulator. Easy to use and indestructable - right? But there are some gotchas. And in one project I managed to run into not just one, but two of them!

  • Here's a statement you'll hear quite often: "You can't run 16 Bit software on 64 Bit operating systems. It's a limitation of the CPU." Is it true? Well, partially ...