Swarm Cubes are kinetic light sculptures consisting of 64 LEDs organized into a 4×4x4 pixel matrix. A single Swarm Cube can be controlled by a computer attached to it’s Mini-USB port, alternatively by the embedded Arduino system, which allows the cube to be completely autonomous. The Cube’s peculiarity is that they communicate with each other by using DTMF tones (the beep-beep when you dial in a phone number). Put together, cubes start forming a swarm, just like birds do.

Their organic structure then acts in an autonomous way, creating a complex and unpredictable light sculpture with their own intelligence hidden inside the community. People can interact with cubes using the speaker of a phone, thus influencing their twittering and changing their emergent behaviour. How will a community of cubes react to curious spectators? What will they feel when influenced by humans who are alien creatures to them? Will they feel spied on, disturbed, or will they answer cheerfully? Participants are invited to explore the collective behaviour of the cubes and reflect on their own collective behaviour.

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